Importance of social community management

February 2, 2022
Hollie Wilson
Written by
Hollie Wilson
Marketing Manager
Importance of social community management

There are over 200 million Instagram business profiles worldwide so if a consumer chooses to engage with yours, it is important to give them a something to remember. Talking with your audience directly through social platforms creates authentic relationships with your customers.

Community management is about building your brands relationships with consumers. It is what happens after and beyond your social media post and part of customer service, listening to the internet and being active in discussions that relate to your brand.

Communities are paramount in building brand loyalty, awareness and overall success. How your brand utilises the opportunities to interact with your consumers online has a reflects on many aspects of your brand efforts. This means that your business needs to be creating high-quality, content, as well as managing the communities built from those efforts. 

Social media makes your brand more approachable by offering the opportunity to establish a direct and personal connection with your audience. By engaging in actual conversations that matches your brands tone of voice combined with your content, your brand will see an increase in organic reach. With great community management comes great engagement. Thanks to the ‘algorithms’ on social media platforms, if your brand is having consistent conversations on your posts, Instagram will think it’s a trending topic and put it at the top of your audience’s feed.  Also, customers who experience positive social media interactions are 3 times more likely to recommend that brand!

Our quick tips to maximise your community management:

1.       Stay on brand and be personable. Have some fun with your community, no one wants to feel like they’re talking to a robot.

2.       Always respond. Even if you receive a negative comment, responding to these comments shows other people that your business cares about their customers. You may even turn a negative comment into a positive customer experience.

3.       Ask a question. Continue to engage with your audience by asking questions and polls. This will give you raw and valuable feedback and can trigger a great conversation

An engaged community is a loyal community. A strong and engaged online community provides your business the opportunity to innovate and learn. To stand out in a competitive market, brands need to build communities that go beyond and provide tangible value and support for consumers.